MOTs In Dereham

With over 45 years experience in the motor industry WW Autos is a highly trusted garage workshop within the Dereham and central Norfolk area. Maintaining all makes of cars and light commercials for well in excess of 300 customers ranging from private individuals to fleet owners, assisting them with all their servicing, MOT and repair requirements. Our qualified, friendly mechanics are always on hand to assist you to the highest standards.

Call now to book your MOT at our Dereham workshop

Our MOT centre based in Dereham is dedicated to making sure you and your vehicle are road-safe and ready to drive. With our trusted mechanics they are always happy to help, we really do have the best. Available at a cost of £35 for cars and £40 for class 5 and 7 vehicles. All MOT failures qualify for a free retest providing the work is carried out by our workshop. So pop down to our Dereham garage to ensure your car meets the requirements of safety with no fuss you’ll be happy you picked us.

What is an MOT

An MOT consists of various checks to see if your vehicle meets the standards of safety set out by the government. These checks consists of testing seatbelts and mirrors to making sure the brakes and fuel system are effective. We are dedicated to making sure our MOTs and the process of testing is easy and painless so you can quickly get back on the road. We can ensure your car’s MOT is in safe hands. There was an update on the MOT in May 2018, making the rules stricter and having more checks to be able to pass your MOT. This would include stricter rules for diesel car emissions, also new testing includes under-inflated tyres, new testing on the brake pads and making some vehicles over 40 years old exempt. These updates are nothing to worry about. If anything it should give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is completely safe while driving after our Dereham mechanics help get your vehicle back on the road.

Why do I need an MOT

We would highly recommend not driving your car without an MOT. Driving without it is against the law, this is unless you are driving to your MOT appointment if it is pre-booked. Getting caught driving without an MOT could land you with a fine of up to £1000. It is also important to know that if you are driving your car that has been failed because of a dangerous defect, then under no circumstances should you drive the vehicle. We have failed the vehicle to keep you safe and to keep others safe. Not to mention getting caught behind the wheel with a failed MOT on a dangerous defect it would be prosecution and a fine for up to £2500. Get down to our Dereham MOT centre and we will be happy to help you avoid this entirely. With our MOTs price available at £35, wouldn’t you rather pay this?

How long does an MOT take

The usual time for an MOT is around 45 minutes to 1 hour. This would be depending on the repairs that must be made if failed. You can wait for your Vehicle or if you prefer your vehicle is safe with us if you wish to leave it in our Dereham garage so there is no time wasted in your day. We are trying to make the process as quick as we can. However, it takes time because all we are working to do is to make sure we miss no small thing out, this is to be able to ensure you are completely safe and have nothing to worry about while driving your vehicle.

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